Alexandra’s Contribution To:   The Pittsburgh Sakura Project

(Pittsburgh Cherry Blossom Project)
From the time of PSP’s inauguration in spring of 2008, Alexandra has been volunteering her time and expertise to our events and tree maintenance programs. She has given good ideas on rentals and food serving too.
She is the first person who helps planting trees with shovels, mulch, pounding stakes, and make sure all equipment are in the original place at the end after a long planting day.  She helps watering in summer, which is needed twice a week. Her watering is very delicate to the trees: she says you should water gently so that the soil and mulch are not eroded.
She also attends Sakura booth at events with her cat, Bitoku Neko (Virtue Cat).  Lastly, she provides electrical wiring and offering her own equipment for both spring and fall Sakura Festival.  Thank you, Alexandra!
– Yoko Motoyama
Japanese Tea Ceremonialist
Pittsburgh Sakura Project






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